Aimbots, wallhacks and cheats are compatible with Windows, Linux and iOS depending on the game you want to cheat in. There is no doubt in the fact that PC is the first choice of almost every avid gamer and if you are also using Microsoft Windows then you are surely in the compatibility list. Our software work smoothly and if you are facing any issue with the use of private cheats then there are some solutions to help in getting rid of all the issues.

  • Run the game you are playing On PC.
  • Now run the bot on 4 cores.
  • If doesn’t work then you should try again.
  • Task manager will offer a great help.

In the process, you can find the hack or the bot running. You need to right click on it and set affinity. Deselect the cores. It will let you set the affinity to 4 cores otherwise you can face issues while using it. Sometimes the above-given method isn’t helpful also. In such conditions, you need to go with alternatives. The .NET Framework 4.0 or higher version is required in this condition. Some bots can’t work without the .NET Framework this is why install it properly and if there is still any problem then click on troubleshoot the issue. Well, everything is done so you need to install the game properly.