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Welcome to FPS hacks, the online hub offering private cheats, hacks and aimbot/wallhacks to enhance your gaming experience. There are also beta keys offered for MMORPG and other popular games in 2018-2019. We’re even engaged in offering quality private cheats and hacks for FPS games such as CS:GO, Overwatch, Fortnite and more.

Why Private Cheats?

Many online sources are offering private cheats and other features such as aimbot and wallhacks. But the reason behind calling private hacks as the best one is their interactive features and no chances of getting detected. Even there are many more features offered which can provide you benefits.

Recommended private cheat providers on the web

There are many private cheat sellers available, these are the ones we recommend:

How They Help

Everyone wants to be the top-notch gamer. When it comes to CS:GO, overwatch and such other games, everyone face issue due to lack of currencies and the limited time to complete a mission. Well, many people pay for ranking but we are offering a better option and it is reliable because you can customize the method of progression.

  • Better aim
  • See through walls
  • See enemies health bar
  • Find loot on the map with radar hacks

If you’re familiar with private cheats then you know how awesome they are.

Coding and Source code pastes

Every once in a while you get the idea to make your own private cheats, so with the help of GitHub you’ll get there. GitHub has many repositories with source codes for FPS hacks for games like CS:GO, Fortnite, Overwatch and more.


A paste is simply a copy=paste of a hack source code with minimal changes to make it “unique”.

Cheat menus

Cheat menus are easily made with imGui or other C# software that can edit .ini configs.

Learn More about Different Games Types

You have seen that almost every game writes the feature as MMO, RPG, RTS, FPS and few more. This can be dense and confusing because very few people know that what the difference between each other is. Well, this is the basic guide to help you know about types and few other things.
FPS are high in trend but these days PC and Console games have the higher demand of FPS. Well, it stands for First Person Shooting where you get the view from character’s perspective. Call of Duty, Counter Strike and there are many more popular games in this genre.


RPG stands for Role Playing Games and smartphone are having the higher demand of it. These are all about characters’ development and often you can find games where you need to come up with a custom character. Improvising appearance, skills and many more things play the vital role in progression.


RTS stands for Real-Time strategy and these games are well known for live gameplay and battle. You get the bird’s eye view in such games and the best example for such game is Age of Empire due to its popularity. The demand is increasing for such games but surely, these offer the best gameplay.


MOBA games are basically battle games and MOBA Stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Here, you need to choose own role, discuss strategy and battle in the group. Mobile Strike, league of legends, DOTA 2 and many more games are popular.


MMO is in trend from few years due to benefit of playing with so many people. Massively Multiplayer Online is the full form. World of Warcraft is the popular game in this section and you can find many more.

Beta Keys for Upcoming Releases

Many games launch every year, some with simple bases but some with strong bases. The game having the highest influence attracts many people to make money. Well, these beta keys can be a great help in this thing. Every year, we are coming with some of the beta keys and there is no need to spend money on it. We are offering lots of beta keys for upcoming games. We have keys for WoW: Battle for Azerotha and many other games. Go fast to redeem it.

  • Overwatch
  • Fortnite
  • CS:GO
  • Rainbox Six Siege

Features of cheats for FPS games

Private cheats offers you aimbots, wallhacks and so many things for the above given genre and you can get most of the items for free. Some of the games’ aimbots are available at purchases but you can save lots of money by this sale and it is quite a reliable method.